My Background

WHAT?! Where Am I? Whats Going On?
15" X 11"

  I come from: Houston, aptly called the “Bayou City,” but more specifically, I come from Houston’s international district, Alief. The community here has a life of its own. Never stagnating, Alief, to me, is always constantly changing or adding to itself. The progression of life and change I understood growing up has shaped the work I produce today in my studio. Something that never stays completely still and something meant to be experienced

My Medium

Detail shot of Collagraph work.

Pulling from a studio background in drawing, my primary medium is a hybrid mixture of both painting and printmaking. I flood surfaces with liquid paint, forming the imagery slowly as  mediums dry and pigments are deposited. The deposited imagery becomes a visual index of the pieces time spend drying and its life during the process of creation.